Braces & invisalign

About Braces & invisalign

Braces is to create beautiful and functional dentition for people whose teeth are crooked or don’t fit together correctly. Some orthodontists/dentists will want to wait until all the adult teeth have grown in before fitting your child with braces. In some cases this may work but if you child has skeletal problems, early intervention is very important and may prevent serious orthognathic surgery. If your your child has class 3 (often called underbite, correct term is anterior crossbite) dentition, trouble breathing through nose, bad oral habits such as thumb sucking, it is advised to seek care as soon as possible. Underbite can be excess growth of lower jaw, undergrowth of upper jaw, or combination of both and often require serious surgery when a child gets older. Early intervention creates not only beautiful smile but also favorable orthopedic growth that change quality of life.